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Energize Your Life, Shape Your Body

Photo by Richard Olson




I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rachel; I am the owner of Rachel’s Body Shop. I was born and raised here in Kent, Washington, making me a true PNW native. I made my start in the fitness industry in 1995 and became a certified personal trainer in 1998. My certifications include, NASM, Apex and ACE. At first, I really enjoyed training in the large, high energy, fast paced gyms. I loved working with my peers, having the use of a large variety of equipment and having the opportunity to help so many people ranging from the age of 12 to 95.  What I didn’t like, however, was the high pressure sales, the overly priced training rates and the strict limitations and regulations that came with being an employee at a large corporate company. I felt I could better serve my clients if I were given the freedom to implement some of my own methods of motivation and techniques. I wanted to be more than just a personal trainer, but a life coach as well. I sensed a smaller more personal gym would be less intimidating and more encouraging for beginners and those not yet confident to begin their fitness journey.


While working as a personal trainer at a big box gym, I was approached by a leasing agent for the CenterPoint Corporate Park property.  They wanted to provide a convenient health club for the people working in the complex and asked if I would design it for them. Shortly after designing and preparing the opening of the new facility, they realized running it would take a lot more work than they anticipated. They offered me the opportunity to adopt, own and manage the fitness center.  That’s when my dream of owning a gym came true and Rachel’s Body Shop was established…July 2001.

Unfortunately, in April of 2024 Rachel’s Body Shop was forced to vacate the large 24/7 space it called home for more than 23 years. Sadly, the current property management company felt the space would be better served as office space rather than a fitness center. This was very sudden and devastating news for myself and my many long-term loyal customers. Staying in the current space was not an option but I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet, I knew there were people counting on me to prevail. So, in May of 2024 Rachel’s Body Shop a Fitness and Personal Training Studio was established. The new gym isn’t what it once was, but it still allows me to do what I love, which is train my clients in a safe, clean, and friendly environment. It’s a great little gym for all those who prefer a smaller personal gym filled with wonderful friendly members over the crowded big box gyms.


I believe that creating goals, stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself is very important for self-growth. It was that drive that made me decide to participate in my very first bodybuilding-figure competition 9 months after breaking both bones in my lower leg causing a compound fracture of my tibia in 2010. The self-rehabilitation process was intense and the countless hours I spent at the gym was worth the pain and sweat when I was awarded 1st place in my division. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment that I had never felt before. This further motivated my desire to help others reach their goals no matter how big or small.  Breaking my leg prior to the competition and then having shoulder surgery in 2012 was definitely challenging and humbling but I feel in many ways it helped me become a more well-balanced trainer. I am now able to empathize and relate to my clients with injuries and physical ailments. Exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains very important to me although I currently practice a more relaxed well balanced approach to health and fitness.


I help teach people the fundamentals of living healthy, gaining strength, and breaking through those physical ailments and emotional hurdles that tend to hold us back. Being able to increase ones self-confidence is my number one passion. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a vast group of diverse people. Each person unique, having different goals, injuries and health conditions. I truly love what I do and feel very fortunate to have such a rewarding career that provides me the honor of helping others. I am forever grateful to my amazing clients and members who continue making my dream possible of providing a gym with a friendly and supportive atmosphere.














The Studio


Rachel’s Body Shop is an independently owned and operated gym that has been helping energize people and shape their bodies since 2001. The gym is open to all members by key card access. Rachel’s Body Shop is best known for its friendly community vibe and supportive atmosphere, where everyone fits in!  It’s a customary gym that has all the essentials you need to get a full body workout in whether you are new to exercising or an advanced athlete. Members can utilize the large variety of cardio equipment, circuit training machines, free weights and accessories to create an endless variety of exercise routines. Rachel’s Body Shop was created to accommodate the average busy professional.  It’s fully equipped compact size, round the clock hours and secured location make it convenient for members to squeeze in a workout before or after work, at lunch or in between meetings. Keep your gym bag packed and come anytime that’s convenient for you! Huge bonus, it’s rarely over packed!


(Virtual Tour)

Coming soon! Rachel's Body Shop's virtual tour video!

Rachel’s Body Shop focuses on member retention and gains most of its new members through word of mouth. Rather than overcrowding the gym with tons of people I prefer catering to my member’s individual needs. I keep rates reasonable in order to maintain a well-kept gym for my smaller member population. Daily exercise is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Providing a clean establishment where my members look forward to coming day in and day out as part of their weekly routine is my number one priority.  


Quoting member Kathryn, “Rachel creates the most inclusive and positive workout environment that I’ve ever seen. Working out here makes you feel like part of a family.”


If you are tired of the traditional impersonal overcrowded gyms with high pressure sales and prefer a quaint facility where your attendance is encouraged, your goals important and the owner knows your name, then Rachel’s Body Shop is the gym for you!  

  • Key Card Access Fees

  • 3 Membership Options                                    

  • Personal Training                                            

  • Resistant training machines, ellipticals, a treadmill, upright and recumbent bike, stair stepper and a rowing machine are available

  • Free weights up to 95lbs, Squat/Bench Racks with tons of weight and an assortment of bars

  • Slam balls, stability balls, weighted body bars, PODs, ankle weights, monster and resistant bands, TRX, Kettlebells, jump ropes and more

  • Lockers for daily use and monthly rent

  • Disinfectant spray bottles, sweat and cleaning towels are provided

  • Campus security

  • No Annual or Hidden

  • Corporate Discounts

  • Wi-Fi and Streaming Television


Rachel’s Body Shop is primarily a self-serve facility. On-Site attendance hours may vary. Scheduling an appointment to view the gym or become a member is highly recommended. Personal training is available for anyone who is unfamiliar with the exercise equipment and wants a program designed for their individual goals.

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