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Members must sign the MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT.

Form can be downloaded HERE


Guests must sign the GUEST AGREEMENT.

Form can be downloaded HERE.

Rates not available at this time. Please contact Rachel for further information.

“A healthy workforce is a productive workforce”

Caring for your employee’s health welfare expresses your appreciation for their contribution and creates a positive high moral atmosphere. A Corporate Wellness Program can help by:


  • Reducing Turnover                                      

  • Higher Energy and Engagement

  • Reducing Absenteeism                                

  • Improve Communication/Workplace Bonding

  • Decreasing Healthcare Costs                       

  • Stress Reduction/Improve Mental Health


Increase your employee health and happiness to ensure a more enjoyable work environment!


All proposed rate discounts are based on the individual monthly rate of $32. Rates do not include sales tax. Rates may be customized to fit individual company needs.

Option A:

Each member is counted for every month. A list of all participating members will be specified on the corporate monthly invoice. Monthly invoices will vary depending on the number of participants. Each company can choose to pay for their employees or have the funds taken out of the individual’s paycheck. One check or automatic payment must be written to or deposited to Rachel’s Body Shop each month for all employees.

Option B:

Corporate 6 Month Membership, Paid in Full:
$168 for 6 months per person ($28.00 monthly breakdown)
$30 Joining fee per person
Must have a minimum of 4 members participating

Option C:
Corporate Yearly Membership Paid In Full:
$312 Per Year per person ($26.00 monthly breakdown)
$15 Joining Fee per person
Must have a minimum of 4 members participating

Lockers are available to rent for $20 per month. Access key cards are $10.
Personal training may be added depending on schedule availability. Contact Rachel for further details.

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