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The biggest factors in weight loss and obtaining overall fitness are nutrition, motivation and consistency. Hiring a Personal Trainer is an excellent way to help align and guide you towards the best chance of success. I will customize a training regime that fits your goals and fitness level; then I will show you easy-to-remember techniques so you can maximize each session, avoid injury, and keep every workout fresh. As your strength, endurance and confidence grows so will the intensity of each workout. I’ll also track your progress and offer encouragement and inspiration. You’ll be more likely to burn the fat, keep it off, and do it all faster than ever before!


Living a healthy lifestyle and increasing your fitness level will make you feel more energized, powerful and self-confident. My goal is to make you see and feel real results so you fall in love with having a fitness lifestyle. And that’s how you achieve optimum health and fitness... for life!


Personal Training Packages Include

Goal Assessment
Weekly Weigh Ins, Monthly Measurements and Body Fat Testing
Cardiovascular and Strength Training
Flexibility Training
Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling
Nutrition Coaching


Personal Training Packages and Rates

(Session Duration 1 Hour)

$85 Single Session
$75 per Session / 4 Sessions
$70 per Session / 8-12 Sessions
$65 per Session / 18 Sessions or More

Add 1 person to any session for an additional $12



Certified NASM, Apex and ACE Personal Trainer

Photo by Richard Olson

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